Blaine High School Pep Band

Blaine Pep Band continues to put the joy into sports during their 2021-2022 season.


Ella Nelson, Writer


Blaine Pep Band is now in season, playing for the basketball, and hockey teams. The first pep band played on December 7th and will end on March 1st playing in four basketball games, and four hockey games.

Pep Band is a musical group that plays music at sporting events, and in this case for Blaine High School, they play for two sports. They cheer on the players too, supporting the games they play. Here at Blaine High School, when someone makes a goal on Blaine’s side, Pep Band plays the Blaine High School Song right after making a score.

Pep Bands play upbeat music, like rock and pop music, that a lot of people may be familiar with. For Blaine, some popular music that they play is Poker Face by Lady Gaga, Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf, Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, Y.M.C.A by Village People, Firework by Katy Perry, Take on Me by A-HA, and many more songs.

Blaine High School Pep Band is made up of all Blaine Band students, meaning that many different kinds of instruments can be heard. From flutes, all the way up to tubas. Band teachers Bruce Olsen, and Rebecca Haukom, help the students play by conducting them in each song performed.

Pep Band season is still in, but there are only a couple left. So go with them to cheer on the basketball and hockey teams, listen to the music that they have to offer, and have fun! The rest of the dates for the games that Pep Band will be in are February 10th (Thursday), and March 1st (Tuesday).