Christmas in the pandemic

With COVID looming during another holiday season students reveal their winter plans.


Maida Jama, Writer


           Last year’s Christmas was hectic due to covid-19 cases skyrocketing in areas all around the world which led to the dreaded social distancing.  As Christmas approaches once again in this pandemic, we asked the students of Blaine high school to share their thoughts on what this year’s Christmas might hold in store for them.

          A Blaine student responded that she was looking forward to her Christmas although she wishes her entire family could get together, a couple of members of her family can’t show up since they’re in a covid hot zone and don’t want to take the risk of bringing it.

          A sophomore in Blaine also responded saying his Christmas isn’t looking any different since covid is still raging on. Covid this year is still a threat even with the vaccine with covid cases going up 16.1% in the US alone. Christmas is a great time of the year, but don’t assume covid is gone because of it. Stay safe Blaine and Merry Christmas.