Clubs Through Joey Spodens Perspective

Senior Joey Spoden speaks his opinion on clubs.

Senior Joey Spoden

Senior Joey Spoden

Danielle Spoden, Writer


Not many can handle the pressures of being in large amounts of clubs and keep good grades throughout high school, but there are a select few who can.

Leader, musician in All-State, and good friend to many Joseph (Joey) Spoden being one of them. 

He has dabbled in choir, foreign languages, sciences, leadership roles, and dove head first into swimming and band. He loves hanging out with friends, playing card games, and doing his best to enjoy life yet he still finds time to do school work and excel at it. 

That is why he is perfect for learning more about clubs, because he knows what’s happening around school and has been in so many of them.

When asked what sports he has played during high school he said “Throughout Blaine, sportwise I was mainly just in swimming.” He also was in marching band but understands it’s heavily debated whether or not that is a sport.

Though his list of clubs is much longer, including two language clubs of French and German to get a feel for what language he might want to do in the future. Music wise he did marching band, jazz band, percussion ensemble, and saxophone ensemble. Even making it into All State with his musical talents. He helped out in the theater department and lastly he helped lead the school into a better future in the student leadership team. 

His resume of talents only grew as he joined activities. 

When asked what his favorite extracurriculars he mentioned swimming and marching band as standing out above the rest due to their large amounts of practice time paving way to better bonds with team members.

He even went as far as to say that he made his closest friends in those clubs and feels they made him a better person.

Joey recommends joining at least 1-2 extracurriculars throughout high school as well as choosing a larger club you can stick with throughout your time in high school. 

His reasoning is that “then you always have solid groundwork within a group of people that are similarly minded to you whether that’s BPA, marching band, dance team you want to find something that suits you and your personality so you can keep those friends for a long time.”

I can’t help but agree. There are many clubs throughout the school and finding one that fits you can make your high school experience all the more enjoyable. 

If you can’t find one through the school that you want to do then you can start your own with your friends or join an outside sport.

Do your best to branch out because high school work will try to drown you and having an extracurricular activity can make the work seem more doable because you have others there with you in the same boat.

If this motivated you to try something different here’s the link to the list of Blaine High School Clubs.

Link to BHS club information