The Future Is Almost Here

Huda Rashid, Staff Writer


A rendition of the future entranceway to Blaine High School

Each day, as students come into the building, they can see all the construction that is going on. But not a lot know what’s actually being built. To find out I went to Mr. Drewlo’s office, one of the vice principals who oversees construction and renovations.
The first question was, of course, what exactly is being built? For one, there will be a new main office, the school store, will be moved closer to the entrance and six classrooms will be added. As of now the school pretty much has one conference room, those will also be built.
When asked if Covid affected construction, he said it positively affected it. The fewer students there are, the less people to worry about. They also didn’t have to worry about door management and things moved faster. But getting permission for construction isn’t easy. The district center has to hire an architect, they have to figure out exactly what they want to add, and there’s piping, electricity, and other variables.They also have to tell the city when they are going to cover up greenspace. There are limitations, and they have to work within the structure.
Mr. Drewlo said he was most excited about the aesthetic. As seen in the picture, there will be a canopy with lights that the school can control. For example, last week people wore pink for cancer awareness day; when it’s completed, the canopy’s lights could be changed to pink. The thing closest to being finished is the main office area, but it still needs to be furnished and have furniture added. Construction will be finished around September 3rd 2021, so next year’s students will be able to use that area. As Mr. Drewlo said, “Having the extra space will be glorious.”