BHS Blueprint

  • Blueprint meetings are Wednesdays, in room 148 after school from 2:30 to 3:00.


The BHS Blueprint is the official student newspaper for Blaine High School. As a newspaper, we not only report on the news but study the behaviors and trends within the student body.

In March, a new segment will be available called “BHS Blueprint Social Studies” where we analyze strange or popular trends within our school’s crazy social environment.

In June 2013, The BHS Blueprint added BHS Short Stories, and we are currently working on adding more short stories for your entertainment.

The BHS Blueprint Weekly Most Read List will stay inactive until next year, sorry for this inconvenience.


Advisers: Johnathan Loo, Adam Banse

Editor-in-chief: Joel Freecheck

Sub Editors:

Events: Kailyn Kallestad

Video: Tyler Antczak

General Staff: 

– Amera Hassan

– Aunaca Novak

– Emily Adofo

– Jason Checinski

– Kate Wehr

– Logan Micek, kinda

– Mackenzie Meyers

Blueprint’s Most Viewed Authors: (12/19/14)

– This list is for current members that have published at least one article, all of their views from their articles are added up and ranked.

NAME                          TOTAL VIEWS               MOST POPULAR ARTICLE

#1. Joel Freecheck           26,836                      The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Movie Review (4,287 views)

#2. Kate Wehr                  9,481                        Prom-Posals (2,024 views)

#3. Jason Checinski        4,199                        Samsung Galaxy S5 Review (1,721 views)

4. Mr. Loo                         3,603                        Snow Daze Preview (897 views)

5. Aunaca Novak             3,043                        Prom-Posals (2,024 views)

6. Emily Adofo                2,778                         Are E-Cigs Becoming More Popular At School? (1,051 views)

7. Kailyn Kallestad         1,470                           Cyber-Bullying On Twitter (348 views)

8. Tyler Antczak              991                              App Review: Alpaca Evolution (419 views)

9. Mackenzie Meyers     437                              Top Ten Books In Blaine High School (218 views)

10. Amera Hassan          252                             What’s in a name? Princess Whatshername (252 views)

More may be added later.

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