Venom Review

Venom was rated four and a half stars out of five by critics. Although it’s time for Bengal critics to voice their opinions.


Image from Marvel Studios

Breanna Vessels, Writer


Venom movie one was an exciting and thrilling experience to watch. When I first watched the movie I was with my family and it was really fun for all of them. Some people might have thought that Venom was going to be a dark movie to watch, like Shazam. Instead, it has the same vibe as The Marvel movie Ant-Man. Now the movie has a 4.5-star rating. 


Although some low review comments were about Venom’s character overall, people are saying it’s out of character for Venom to be teasing/insulting Eddie as he does. Venom and Eddie are supposed to be a revenge duo in marvel but they changed it up, which personally I liked a lot. I don’t think it would have been such a fun movie to watch if it was as dark as its origin of the story.

Not having Spiderman in the plot got people really mad. Having Venom without the character Spiderman is kinda the whole point of the story so not having the other character is making the story not feel fulfilled right. I understand how people can get the idea that the movie doesn’t do justice to Venom’s character, he is an anti-hero in the series Spiderman. Having Spiderman not even in the movie doesn’t make sense unless the movie is based around Venom getting his new personality. This anti-hero character is supposed to be evil but they make him a hero who is going to fight another hero? I don’t think Venom’s morals and beliefs match up with the new personality he has.


A lot of people said that the CGI in the whole movie was awesome. Venom was as monstrous as they were hoping. Leah Hummert said, “I loved all of the voice acting and it did really good to please me as a person who looks for good Marvel Movies to watch during the day.” People also seem to really like Tom Hardy as part of the cast. Marvel fans also loved that the Female version of Venom came on the screen for a bit. It made a lot of people really happy that she got an appearance in an actual movie.

Some people commented about how the film was surprisingly good. An anti-hero film that is supposed to be in a Spiderman movie instead gets its own. Either way, a lot of people really enjoyed the storyline of this movie and the phrase from the Marvel comic “Eyes, lungs, pancreas. So many snacks, so little time.” The plot in this movie was fantastic even if there were some changes to the plot on how Eddie became venom at first. 

Overall I think most people loved the movie or hated it because they couldn’t get over the changes in the comic/original story to a different version in the movies. Personally, I loved the movie, it’s humor altogether. I would give it a 5-star rating.