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  • Blueprint meetings are Wednesdays, in room 148 after school from 2:30 to 3:00.

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Welcome to the BHS Blueprint application page. The BHS Blueprint is a friendly, flexible and tight-knit group of Blaine students. What we do may fly under the radar of some Blaine students, but the articles/stories we produce as a team does make an impact. Whether you wish to report on BHS sporting/community events or interview a promising student of Blaine, or your right side of your brain is larger than your left and you would rather type up short stories or review pieces, the BHS Blueprint is the group for you.

Any Blaine High School student can join. Your skills in journalism or writing, in general, does not decrease your value as a staff member. The BHS Blueprint staff are a diverse, talented and hard-working community, and any student is welcome to be a part of the group.

Since the BHS Blueprint is online, our members have an extensive amount of freedom. Every Tuesday the BHS Blueprint meets to exchange story ideas, meet new members and catch up about the Blueprint. It is required that new members go to their first meeting since we want to introduce you to the team.

We meet in Room 148, Mr. Loo’s room in the English wing of BHS from 2:40-3:15.

If you wish to join The BHS Blueprint staff, please contact our Editor-in-chief at [email protected] or our advisors, Mr. Loo [email protected] or Mr. Banse [email protected]Find us around the school as well, or just go to a meeting at anytime, we would love to see you there.

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