Get Up and Get Involved!


Hanna Leathers and Sadie Herr, Student Writers


“The benefits are endless on why it is important to be involved in a group or activity,” says Mr. Gerrety, the Activities Director at Blaine High school. Blaine offers over 70 clubs, activities, and athletics that students are encouraged to participate in.

Getting involved opens many doors for opportunities. Students have the benefit of meeting many new people and creating new bonds, which can sometimes be a challenge, especially after the pandemic this past year. Senior Sandra Yang is involved in many clubs and activities which include track, football managing, Bengal pride, and more. “I got to meet new friends. Get involved with a lot of new opportunities. You become close with people you didn’t think you’d become close with, and you meet people from all grades,” she said. Building relationships with people, connecting with people with the same interests, and doing something you’re passionate about are a few out of many things you take away from being in a club or activity at school. Dance Team captain, Tina Wadhwa, also recommends joining a new activity. “ If you’re a freshman or new to this school, you will find kids with your same interests. Most of the time you’ll even have the same types of personalities,” she says.

Blaine High School not only wants people to get involved but wants people to feel like they belong at this school. “It makes you belong to the school or helps you belong to the school. You’re part of something bigger than yourself. You’re part of a group, you’re part of other students,” says Mr. Gerrety. Joining or starting something new is a step forward to getting there.
For students interested in getting involved, they can sign up at the Blaine High School homepage, and browse through the provided clubs and activities. If students are not interested in any existing clubs, they can also create their own. For more information, contact the existing advisors or email Shannon Gerrety.