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  • Blueprint meetings are Wednesdays, in room 148 after school from 2:30 to 3:00.

2017-2018 Staff

Jake Pickett

Head of the Video Department

Van Dradis


17 years ago, I was born in the greatest country on Earth. I plan to die in the greatest country on Earth too.   Fun facts about me: Riding a bike was always too easy for me, so I never learned how to do it. ...

Bag Levarnca


I was born and raised in California.  I moved here last year when my mom got a new gig.   Fun facts about me: Studying makes tests too easy for me, so I never do it. I was born on the way to the hospital, so...

Ranad Ghalban

Blueprint Staff

I am a junior who is involved in Student Voices, BIA, Multicultural club, Speech, Debate, Kindness movement, and MSA (at least that's what I can remember at the top of my head). I am currently enrolled in the PSEO program and...

Elizabeth Gunder

Blueprint Staff

I'm a junior at Blaine this year. I joined the BHS Blueprint halfway through my sophomore year with one of my closest friends, Ranad. We took the same journalism class in freshman year and ended up loving writing. Other than writing,...

Corrine Olson

Blueprint Staff

Hi! I'm a freshman at BHS and have just transferred here from the Fridley district. I like to write stories, screenplays, plays and musicals. I also act, sing, draw, read and travel. This year I'm basically just winging it and t...

Emma Melin

Blueprint Staff

Sophomore, involved in Volleyball, Track and Field, and is part of starting the new BHS Women's' club.

Abranette Barry

Blueprint Staff

Sophomore, involved in CEMS, BPA, Debate, Speech, Volunteering, and Track and Field.

Laima Liulevicius


Thank you for visiting my profile page. This year I will be a Sophomore, and I am one of the new editors of your beloved school newspaper, the BHS Blueprint. I am also involved in the CEMS program, Swimming, and Speech team. The...

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