Ideas for Enhancing the Student Dining Experience from the Blueprint Staff

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Ideas for Enhancing the Student Dining Experience from the Blueprint Staff

BHS Blueprint Staff, Staff

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Our cafeteria staff do a fantastic job.  Feeding nearly 3,000 pushy high school students in roughly an hour is no easy feat, and the fact that they are able to do this while making the food edible is worthy of our praise.  However, we had a number of ideas for small changes that would result in the enhancement of the BHS student dining experience.

Serve larger portions (they’ve been the same size since elementary school)

Image result for small meal

Bring back shrimp poppers

Image result for shrimp poppers

Add more vegetarian/vegan options

Image result for vegetarian food

Stop making me feel ashamed when I ask for a megabite

Image result for community annie no gif

Find a new word for megabite (big bite, second helping, more food, etc.)

Image result for zippy's giant burgers

More seating options (bar stools, booths, etc.)

Image result for bar stools

Keep outdoor seating open year-round

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Serve corn dogs every day

Image result for mini homemade corn dogs

Make lines single-file

Image result for long line

Create a call-in line so that students could order food to have delivered to them in class

Image result for phone call

Ban students from dipping their carrots in ketchup

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This article was written during a BHS Blueprint meeting, using the opinions and discussion of our staff members. Join us next Wednesday, Jan. 24 for our next meeting. We will discuss and write an article about another interesting topic.

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