App Review: Clash of Clans


Tyler Antczak, Video Editor


In the August of 2012, app developer Supercell created a new game that brings us to a new kind of kingdom: your own. Clash of Clans has been the top grossing app for months, and it continues to grow in popularity. The purpose of Clash of Clans is to build your village, clash with other players and or clans, and continue developing your village. There is no official end of the game or any way to win, you just keep playing, improving, and clashing. Some people have said you can win by upgrading everything fully and claiming the highest ranking spot, but then you have to deal with the competition from other players. So there’s truly no end to the game. Meaning endless fun! Also, not having an end to the game is partially why I think this game is so popular. So give this game a shot and clash with friends on Clash of Clans.

App ratings:

Attention Span:               75%

App Quality:                     95%

Sound/Color Quality:   90%

Entertainment value:   80%

App Total:                         85%