Get Out – Movie Review

Do not GET OUT of the theater. Because this movie rules.


Max Koop, Blueprint Staff


Yeah, you all thought you drove me away with your comments on my Revenant review. Well, I’m back to review Get Out. Before I do that I have to apologize for not giving La La Land the perfect review it deserves. Some people (*cough Joel!) thought it wasn’t good enough? What a shame. Ok anyways on to Get Out.

Get Out is the directorial debut of Jordan Peele. You may know him from things like Key and Peele and Keanu. While I’ve been a small fan of his I was very interested to see what he could bring to the horror genre. What is it about? It’s about a black man going to meet his white girlfriend’s parents for the first time. That’s all I’m gonna tell you because this film is best not knowing much more than what I just told you.

I went into this film expecting something good, what I got was something violent, hilarious, intense and really great.

Now the way this film uses racism is great and is hilarious. When the white people are trying to fit in with our protagonist, Chris, it comes off like they’re trying too hard and it’s funny and awkward. This film also introduces us to LilRel Howery and man this guy is a laugh riot. Mainly comic relief characters feel forced to me but this one actually helped and did things it was just a plus that he was hilarious.

Besides from being a comedy, it is also a horror/thriller. It does this well too. While I hated the use of jump scares in this movie because it was unnatural, it did not take away from the rest of the film for me. The last half of this film does not let up with the thrills. It was very intense and violent and I love that a film where a character gets stabbed with a deer head is critically acclaimed and doing quite well at the box office. There’s also some very dreamlike scenes in this film which worked very well and were done surprisingly very well and was deeper than I thought it would be. Also throughout the film, there were some scenes that seemed unsettling and off-putting which built the tension and made the last half truly satisfying and a blast to watch.

Let’s talk about the performances in this film. Everyone is great in this film especially Daniel Kaluuya and Allison Williams. I say Allison Williams because of the last half she was amazing. Daniel Kaluuya did great with the emotional scenes and very good with the awkwardness of being a white daughter’s black girlfriend and seeing all the weird stuff around him from just observing.

The direction from Jordan Peele is surprisingly effective, not including the stupid jump scares, he was very good at making us feel like these situations were very unsettling with and like something was really off with some uncomfortably close camerawork where I actually moved back in my seat. He himself said this film is personal because this really happened to him. Kind of kidding there. He has stated he is very uncomfortable when he is the only black person around. That shows that a project like this is perfect for him and it shows.

Final Consensus:

Get Out is a really great horror/thriller/comedy and I am highly recommending that you not only see this film, but you see it with a crowd. Cause it is a blast with an audience. I’m feeling generous with this movie because I really loved it and am giving this film a 9/10.