The Bengal Drive Zipper & Why You Better Know What It Is

Don’t expect any sympathy if you don’t follow the zipper


Bengal Drive is infamous in BHS culture. We make jokes about the speed bumps, laugh at the amount of cars that pile themselves on the sides of the tiny road for a big game, and most students drive on it each day.

Those lucky juniors and seniors with the ability to park in the parking lots and drive to school use Bengal drive daily. It may feel like a right being on the road, but everyone knows that it’s a privilege for one major reason. Besides the obvious laws and rules, the Bengal Drive Zipper is the big guideline. You don’t abide by the zipper and you allow yourself to be passively humiliated (which is the worst type of humiliation).

So attention new drivers, if you have no clue what the Bengal Drive Zipper is, I’m going to map it out for you.

  1. This is purely common sense and is used in most cases of high traffic non-stop intersections.

  2. The Bengal Drive Zipper is the right of way exchange between the right, left, and leaving drivers.

  3. If you’re entering Bengal Drive from the right lane and no cars are in the left lane, it is your turn to go.

  4. If you’re entering Bengal Drive from the left lane and there is a car in the right lane, you must allow them to go first

  5. The zipper function works as a 3-way stop system. Both the left and right stop at the intersection and switch off entering Bengal Drive. If a car is leaving Bengal Drive, the right goes first, then the leaving driver, and finally the left

  6. It really is very simple, but mess up and everyone, and I repeat, EVERYONE, will hate you

  7. Remember, no pressure (I’m lying, this will be the most stressful thing in your high school career 😆 )

Thanks for reading, and I hope you understand. Nothing is worse than starting your first drive to BHS and being instantly ridiculed for messing up the zipper.