How COVID Cases are Affecting Blaine High School Students in Minnesota

New cases of COVID are spreading once again throughout High Schools, one of them including Blaine High School.


Ella Nelson


The days and weeks are going by since the beginning of school on September 7th, and more and more High School students in Minnesota, especially at Blaine High School, have been affected by Covid, which is rising once again. Except students are back in-in person learning, especially during the flu season, this explains why Covid is hitting students hard once again.

As we all know, the virus Covid-19 is something that we all need to be careful with. Now, with the new school year starting for many students across Minnesota, it seems that cases are rising once again, according to According to a Blaine High School student, Hannah Merritt-Kast (Junior) says, “It’s going to spread around school and it’s going to get kids sick, but if we try to wear our masks and wash our hands, we’ll prevent it as best as possible.”

So far, in Blaine High School, masks are optional. Most students though, do not wear their masks. Social distancing, also optional, is not in play either; you can see many people crowding together in halls.

Ms. Haukom, a band teacher at Blaine High School, says “I think a mask mandate would be beneficial.” Ms. Haukom also states, “If a student tests positive, let your friends know, spread awareness, and let them know that way they can quarantine, and not spread it further.” She also says, “Wash hands, wear a mask if you can, and keep your circle small.”

We shouldn’t forget that not only is Covid effecting students and teachers, but family as well. Covid spreads like any other virus, and everywhere too. Families are all different on how much they take Covid seriously. One parent of a Blaine High School student, Warren Nelson, says it’s best to keep “Washing hands, and wearing masks occasionally,” when asked how he and his child are taking precautions with Covid. He also gives us a list of things that he would do if someone in his family does get Covid. He says that they will be “Quarantining, making sure they’re okay, and following the guidelines for quarantining everybody.”

After all, it is flu season. Sicknesses are known to rise during this time of the year. Not only is Covid rolling around throughout the halls of schools, but colds have been hitting hard, too. Only the first week into Blaine High School, students were getting sick left and right. Many students were gone, leaving teachers saying, “Where are all the students?” As we know though, this happens every year. But now with Covid tagging along, it’s hard to know whether it is either a cold, the flu, or even Covid.

Giving advice to the school from parents, could actually help calm everyone, so schools can stay in in-person learning. According to parent Warren Nelson, when giving advice for the school, he says to “Be extra cautious, and follow the CDC guidelines.”