Sushi Rocks (& Rolls)


Dylan Brazil, Writer


Sushi is a recipe that chefs take years even decades to master the art of making, as for me an amateur chef I’m going to try my best to attempt to make two different types of rolls and explain the history of sushi to you all today. Sushi, a common food in Japan, is traditionally made using rice, a form of fish and vegetables wrapped in seaweed or nori.

We will be making two types of sushi for today California rolls and spicy crab rolls, both of which will create different flavors and a contrast between the two rolls.

In terms of pricing, it is very affordable to buy all ingredients for only about $35 for other recipes I’ve done the most expensive item being the surimi.

The start of this recipe asks you to pull the surimi into long strands which I found through testing that you don’t need to do as long as you put the other ingredients in the bowl and start mixing with a fork the surimi will come apart naturally. If you’re like me and don’t own a bamboo mat, you can use tin foil placed on something sturdy like a cutting board, which works just fine. while you’re making the sushi make sure to always keep your hands wet I found it best to keep a bowl with water next to you while you make them. when putting the rice down make sure to evenly distribute it and pat it down when that is done take the food that you want on your rolls and add it strip by strip make sure to not add too much because you won’t be able to close the roll. while testing out this recipe I had some cream cheese in my fridge which was going to go bad if you add some cream cheese it adds a lot of flavor to the roll and makes the roll even more delicious. while closing the rolls put a little water on the edges of the Nori it will make them stick a little more.

After making this recipe it’s good to not make too much like I did because this is very filling even if you can eat a lot like me because you will only be able to eat a few rolls before filling up but the ingredients come together really well and are full of taste as long as you eat it the day you make it because after a day the rice goes bad and gets hard so its best to eat the rice within the night.

Sushi started as a dish called Narezushi and was created in the Yayoi period which consisted of skinned and gutted fish stuffed with salt and placed into a wooden barrel which was then filled with salt.

This recipe makes for a quick and easy dinner that can serve multiple people for the night as long as you’re prepared for a mess.