Uggs Neumel Boots, are They Worth it?

Ugg boots have always been popular in the midwest but they’re not for everyone.

Image of UGG Nuemels from

Image of UGG Nuemels from

Wilshur Wilson, Writer


If you want some UGG boots here are a few things you need to know before you spend one hundred and thirty dollars.

The first thing you have to do when you want to order some ugg boots is to check their shoe size chart. Most people say that UGG boots are true to size but if you have wide feet you might want to go up a size if you don’t want your boots to be too tight on you. I’m a size ten and my UGG Neumel boots were a bit too small when I first got them because I have bigger feet. 

If you want a tight fit you should definitely go down a size because UGG boots do stretch over time. If you’re still unsure just measure your feet before buying. 

The second thing you should know before you buy your uggs is that they will take a while to come after putting in your order. When I ordered my UGG boots they took about a week and a half to be delivered, I also had a few delays because I ordered my boots after the new year of 2020. So if you don’t want to wait just expect to pay a few more bucks if you want faster shipping. I would also recommend just going to a store like Footlocker or Champs Sports if you don’t want to pay for faster shipping, you’ll be saving your money that way.

The third thing you should think about is the color of your shoes, if you are very lazy I wouldn’t recommend getting light colors like the color Dive and Samba Red. Instead, you should choose colors like Chestnut and Black. I have the UGG Neumel in Chestnut and I barely have to clean them because these boots are a darker color.   

The last thing I would also recommend is to get the UGG boots cleaning kit. When UGGs get dirty they can be very hard to clean, and using your regular soap and water won’t help that much unless you want to scrub your boots for hours. When my UGGs got dirty I tried to wash them with soap and water and the stains wouldn’t budge so, unfortunately, I had to order the kit. After getting the kit my shoes were nice and clean and the material wasn’t ruined. 

Even though UGGs are very cute and are a staple during the winter, these boots are still expensive and are a lot of work if you want your boots to last for a while. I wouldn’t recommend getting these boots if you’re the type of person who doesn’t care to take care of your shoes but if you are the opposite these will be a great purchase.