Activities to do During the Winter



With the whole pandemic and social distancing going on people forget about their hobbies, because if the hobby is a sport then there is a high chance it was cancelled this year. This year’s winter is perfect and it would be bad to miss the winter sports season, that is why ski resorts in Minnesota did their best to stay open and let people have fun.

Probably one of the best hills to start off with would be Wild Mountain, a ski resort located in Taylor Falls. Wild mountain has big hills but at the same time has some of the best runs for starters. There are always friendly people that can help you with tricks and your skills that are not staff.

If you are worried about the restraints they had to make because of COVID, I asked some people on what they thought about the changes when I was there.

“The restraints really don’t affect people that much the only thing they did was not being able to eat inside and now you have to wear a mask when you are inside,” said one of the ticket taking staff at Wild Mountain.

Even though you now can’t eat inside, Wild Mountain improvised and made a heated tent where people can eat their food.

The second ski area I would go to would be Afton Alps, the resort is just like any other but the only difference is that it has a lot more hills to go on. Afton Alps is the best place if you want to go down a hill for a long time, that is because a lot of the hills are connected to another hill so you can go down 3 to 4 hills all in one run.

Afton does not have the best selection for the beginner hill but it should not affect a beginner that much because the mountain has easy runs for beginners where they can practice and learn.

The last ski resort that I would recommend is Trollhaugen, it is located in Wisconsin but if you are located in the north part of the metro area then it will be around a 40 minute drive. Trollhaugen is definitely a good mountain to start learning because it has a good selection of bunny hills but it also has a lot of difficult runs which can be challenging. 

One of the best parts about Trollhaugen is the different ticket sales they have. An example would be the Friday night deal where you pay $20 for a ticket or $50 for both ticket and rentals. On Friday nights the mountain closes at 3 am which lets people ski even after work if they really want to. 

Ski/Snowboarding is a great activity you can do during the winter, it keeps your body healthy, you get to have fun, and you learn something new.