Conspiracy Theory: The REAL Reason Admin has Taken Everything Off the Walls

There's a reason the new math department is known as the Psych Ward.

Anonymous, Blueprint Writer


Walking around this school has always been depressing, but this year it’s gotten worse.

I’m sure most of you know of the administration’s recent decision to take everything off the walls, even painting over the beloved mural by the ODA room. The school now has a very clinical vibe, as exemplified by the new math department, AKA the Psych Ward.

But why are they doing this? Anything the administration tells us is wrong; there is no way they would tell us the truth. So here is what’s really going on.

The government is attempting to brainwash school-age children through each school’s administrative system as a way to limit dissent during the upcoming election.

Of course, this is mainly centered around the phone policy. If admin can limit our exposure to social media, they can eliminate nearly all of our political or social opinions. Honestly, how many political discussions do you have in school now? Probably not many.

But maybe you do have some good conversations about politics. Maybe you have kept some of your opinions through social media outside of school. Good for you! But that’s where admin’s newest policy comes in.

Even if we still have opinions, admin isn’t going to give us an avenue to express them. Disallowing posters, painting over the ODA mural, getting rid of art in the English department, even limiting the number of classrooms with windows. These are all ways admin is trying to prevent us from seeing an outside perspective, from being exposed to different ideas and issues.

If we don’t have any political exposure, we can’t influence the election via our parents. Or ourselves if you’re old enough to vote.

The Psych Ward really is an apt name for the new department. It perfectly exemplifies what admin is doing. They are trying to brainwash us, get rid of any potential harms we might cause in society. 

Of course, admin can’t take all the blame for this. It really is a widespread government program. One that we must fight against, lest we all become brainless citizens merely accepting every political decision as it comes. We must preserve our democracy and keep a diversity of opinions alive at Blaine.

In fact, there already is a resistance forming at Blaine: the Social Studies department. Spearheaded by AP World teacher Ms. Suter, that wing has been able to keep their murals and they lead the resistance against the admin. Join them, and we can bring back art, diversity of opinions, and color to Blaine.

We probably can’t make a difference on that large of a scale; we’re only one school in one city. But we can take action in this one school and show the admin and government that we can still have power and influence. We can inspire other schools to do the same. Maybe we won’t make a huge difference right now, but my hope is that by this time next year we have artistic freedom returned to Blaine High School.



*DISCLAIMER: Everything in this article was fictional, meant for entertainment purposes only.