Why Littering Needs to Become a Clearer Problem in Today’s World.

Chloe Carroll, Staff Writer


Littering has become a bigger problem than people have realized. By throwing one piece of trash into the yard or out of your car, it’s still ruining the world piece by piece.

I think that many people realize that our world has gone to the trenches with co2 gasses and other crazy stuff.

However, what these people fail to realize is that picking up just one piece of trash can make such a huge difference. 

It’s important to understand why it’s a huge deal though. Think about when you take a sip of water and it goes down the wrong tube.

Your throat hurts and you start almost to choke. Animals feel something similar whenever they encounter a piece of trash thinking that it’s food. 

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, They state “When an animal eats trash, it causes them to feel full and not get the nutrients they need, as well as that it can choke them and ruin their health system entirely.”

Not only is trash such a negative thing on animals but also on humans. Being surrounded by a distasteful environment can cause severe effects on mental health. 

Arrow Waste says “A disorganized and littered environment can have a negative impact on your mental health. For instance, some people find that their anxiety levels increase when their environment is not in the best condition. Litter can also affect your mental health by increasing your stress levels and making it difficult to focus”

In conclusion, you should really think twice about throwing a large Baja blast from taco bell out the window of your car, because it affects a lot more things than you might realize.