Apple Vs Microsoft (Laptops)


Jessica Lundquist


The new Surface laptop by Microsoft has stirred up some controversy on if its more developed than the newest Macbook Pro. Everyone has their favorite company in mind but as many look closer there are percs that are making it more difficult than it seemed in the first place. Let’s get into the pros and the cons that hopefully help you to make the decision on which one is the best fit for you.

Pros of the Macbook Pro


For the Macbook, the pros can be accepted however you want. Whether you think it’s a perk or not. There is a few things I genuinely think are great and practical. The attractiveness of the Macbook is a very nice thing; from the sleek design to the amazing thinness of this laptop is definitely nice to look at.  It is also very well built. Made out of recyclable material like polycarbonate, aluminum, and magnesium. The retina display is better and brighter than ever in this make. The Macbook also comes in two different sizes so you can find out which one is the most practical for you. I personally would choose the 15-inch over the 13 to just have a bigger display and visuals. These laptops also have up to 10 hours of battery power so you most likely won’t need to plug it in during a day’s work or homework at a coffee shop. The newest feature that everyone is talking about, is the multi-touch enabled bar. It’s made out of glass built into the keyboard for easy access to tools based on what you are doing on the laptop. I can’t forget the new touch ID that everyone knows and loves on there iphone. This new feature to the Mac is great for fast access to your computer rather than typing in a password every time. I think this is an overall great computer with fast and efficient perks.


Cons of the Macbook Pro


The main con I can understand is the price point. The 13-inch base model is $1,299.00, and the 15-inch is $1,999. It is a spendy laptop but you are getting what you pay for. It is definitely an investment.   The other con that is being talked about is that there is no memory card slot, and only 2 USB-C on these models. That can easily be solved with an attachment can all that but will have an extension.


Pros of the Surface Laptop


The new Surface laptop shows a lot of the same perks as the Macbook laptop. It has a lot of the same design aspects, from the thinness to the weight. Another well made keyboard for this laptop will nice speakers. The pros of this are very similar to the Macbook.


Cons of the Surface Laptop


This computer does have lacking aspects on it. Does have few ports. The keyboard is good but the lining around it is getting some negative feedback; it’s made from Alcantara material like fabric. If you don’t have super clean hand when using this, it may develop grease marks which is not pretty to have. The price of this 13.5-inch laptop is $1,299, similar in price to the Macbook Pro.


In Conclusion, I think the Macbook Pro is the best bank for your buck. The two computers are very similar but there is more cons for the Surface Laptop that can be unpredictable.