Why I Am Joining the #Resistance


Bag Levarnca, Writer


Before 2018, I was never that political.  To be honest, I still don’t even understand why we have a government at all.  All that they do is take your money to pay for boring stuff nobody understands.  I was thinking of voting in 2016, but none of the candidates were very hot.

However, over this past year, I have become extremely angry with the state of our country, and this has inspired me to get involved in the political process by following CNN on Instagram.

You see, since Trump has taken office, the economy taken off like my energy level under the keto diet, with unemployment at a 50-year low.  Even complete morons can find a job.

Which leads me to why I’m so angry at the Trump administration: since his election in 2016, America’s fast-food workers have become more and more incompetent.

Allow me to give a few examples from my life recently.

A couple of days ago, my cashier at McDonald’s didn’t understand what the word “vegan” meant, and he laughed in my face when I ordered avocado toast.

At Starbucks yesterday, my barista misspelled my name on my cup.  When I confronted him about it, he started mansplaining how he “takes a lot of orders every day” and “does his best to get every one right.”  Like, does he think I’m stupid?

Earlier today, the worker at Subway took 10 minutes to make my sandwich because I asked him what the fat content was for every potential topping and he had to go to the back of the store and read it to me out of a book.  Like, shouldn’t he know that off the top of his head?  He works there!  The delay made me late for my goat yoga class, so I demanded that he give me my sandwich for free.  Not only did he insist I pay full price, he told me that I was entitled!  I’m not entitled, I just deserve better service than that!

Because of the booming Drumpf economy, our nation’s fast food workers have gone to crap.  That is why I am now a proud member of the #Resistance – I have even gone so far as to include this in my Twitter bio.  The first two years of the Drumpf presidency have seen nothing but job creation and market growth.  The only way to stop this economic prosperity and return competent workers to the Burger King counter is to vote Democrat this November.

For the sake of our fast food experiences, we must #Resist.