Fifteen things to do during Coronacation

Bored during coronacation? Here are fifteen things to do!

Sofia Saucedo, Editor


Welcome to Earth! Just when we think it can’t get worse it does. Since the World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, school has been shoved out the window. Until we get back to having to be productive or the entire human race dies off, here are fifteen things to do.

  1. Learn the entirety of Fergie’s Fergalicious. It’ll make them boys go loco.
  2. Eat too much food.
  3. Eat too little food.
  4. Try not to punch your sister
  5. Find someone idolize. Extra points if it’s someone that doesn’t deserve to be idolized.
  6. Learn the Just Dance routine for Ke$ha’s Tik Tok.
  7. Punch your sister.
  8. Reverse TP a house and steal their toilet paper, especially if it’s a Karen’s house.
  9. Use the 7 day Disney Plus trial only to watch the same three Pirates of the Caribbean movies you’ve see a million times.
  10. Lock yourself in your room because your sister found a chainsaw and is out for revenge.
  11. Write the College Board hate-mail.
  12. Make a coffin for your sister because she ate your food.
  13. Stay up until you start hallucinating an apocalyptic world.
  14. Make your neighbor poisoned hand sanitizer so that you can steal their toilet paper.
  15. Prepare yourself for when Walmart gets restocked. Karen is going down.