Movies: Best of Halloween

Hanna Leathers and Sadie Herr, Student Writers


Watching movies is an activity many people enjoy year-round, but they are especially popular around holiday seasons. Halloween is a very popular holiday, with one of the largest movie options, but which one’s the best?
Out of 28 individuals asked, the most popular Halloween movie was voted “Halloween Town,” with close seconds being “It” and “Scream.”
Some people enjoy classics, such as Charlie Brown Halloween, Hocus Pocus, and Halloween Town, while others prefer horrors, such as Scream, It, and Hotel Transylvania.
Senior Paige LaPointe says she enjoys the classics, like Hocus Pocus. “I like to watch it with my family,” LaPointe said. Because of the nostalgic feeling of classic Halloween movies, family traditions can play a large role in the type of movie that people prefer.
Ella Nelson says, “I like horror because I always watched it with my grandparents ever since I was little.” Ella enjoys the classic and the new “It.” Horror movies are one of the biggest hit categories but especially spike during Halloween. “It gives you a sense of thrill,” says freshman Davian Lopez.
Halloween movies are one of the more popular seasonal movies. From “Scream” to “Halloween Town,” the most popular movie during the Halloween season, there is something for everyone of every age.