Black Student Union at BHS

The newest addition to BHS activities, Black Student Union, details their impact on Blaine student life


Black Student Union competing activity

Wilshur Wilson, Staff Writer


During the summer of 2021 black students at Blaine High School wanted a space to talk about how being black or a person of color affected their daily lives. Since then black students have come together on Thursdays for Black Student Union to have interesting conversations and to learn from each other.

Ms. Germain, who is an adviser for BSU and teaches African American studies, said one of the biggest reasons why BSU is important is because it creates a safe space for black students/students of color to talk about their issues and have people who relate to them.

About having safe spaces for students of color, Ms. Germain said, “I think Black Student Union will be able to create more community for people that have a similar background where you can feel comfortable in a space talking about issues that you might be facing.” 

While having this space, students of color can learn about things they have in common while also helping each other create better solutions to solve the problems they might have in their daily lives.

The Union also helps students of color learn about different experiences that other kids go through that they may have never experienced before. These different topics create great conversations and help students become more open-minded. 

Another reason why the Black Student Union is important is because it creates a lifeline between the students and the school. Ms. Germain said, “Because Black(s) and African Americans are a small minority at Blaine this union would give them a voice in this school.” 

By having this union students of color are able to come together and have a voice in their school community while being a small minority. This also helps bring social awareness to Blaine and how the things going on in our world affect minorities, not just in the school but outside the school, as well.

Lastly, one of the most important reasons why students believe Blaine needs a Black Student Union is because everyone who wants to be educated is welcomed. 

If you’re interested in learning about issues that may not affect you but might affect your friends or anyone else around you Black Student Union is the place to go. 

“We talk about things like colorism, stereotypes, and more. If you’re hesitant to come, Ms. Germain said, “we want to make it clear that anyone is welcomed in the safe space where we are building community.”