Chill Room Internship

Alina Health Change to Chill partners with BHS to create a chill room with the help of two Bengal interns.

Sofia Saucedo, Editor in Chief

Change to Chill flyer at Coon Rapids High School that recently underwent a Change to Chill campaign. Image from CTN Coon Rapids

Imagine a quiet room, isolated from the chaos of our Blaine High School, filled with resources to help you loosen your intensities, a refuge from the intense holiday we call finals week. This fantasy is becoming a reality next 2019-2020 school year with the help of two Blaine High School students.

Alina Health’s division, Change to Chill, is hiring two BHS representatives to build a Chill Room. The goal of the chill room is to provide a sanctuary for students to release the stress that comes along with school.

Although not much as has been released about the room itself, applications are now being taken for the two representatives. They will receive a $300 dollar stipend for their work.

Over the summer the representatives, also known as ambassadors, will research mental-well being in our school, create a budget and list for the room itself, develop additional components to reduce mental health stigma, and compile the information into a formal presentation for the relevant school staff.

The ambassadorship doesn’t end with the chill room. Besides the room specifically, the ambassadors will be promoting Alina Health’s mental health branch: Change to Chill.

To be an ambassador, you have to fill out the application, and after being accepted, attend three meetings. Blaine is set to have meetings with nine other High Schools: Braham, Elsworth, Fridley, Hastings, Henry Sibley, Hudson, and Plum City High School. There are also eight other high schools that will be participating in this new promotion, however, their meetings are grouped separately from Blaine’s meetings, which is known as the East Group.

This is all throughout the summertime with meetings being June 12th, July 22nd, and August 22nd, all at the Unity Education Center. At the end of each meeting, representatives will receive $100 dollars of their stipend.

Other requirements to apply include being at BHS in the next school year. Applications are due May 3rd and responses are expected back by May 10th.