Pros and Cons of not Having a Phone

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Corrine Olson, Blueprint Staff


Okay, I have a confession to tell you all: I don’t have a phone.

Now, this may be a shock to some of you who don’t know anyone without one, but it’s been a fact of my life since birth. Now, it’s not like I don’t have any electronic device. I sometimes take my Samsung tablet to school, though the differences are obvious. Numerous people have actually asked me if the seven-inch long tablet is a phone, to which I don’t answer and just stare at them for a few moments. If you have a phone, you should know what is and isn’t one.

Of course, I do want a phone. It would be nice to have some of the advantages owning a phone would give me, but I don’t have one, and I’ve basically accepted that face. I have my tablet, and I have to deal with

  • No cellular data
  • Carrying my gigantic tablet around in it’s worn pink case
  • Having to do simple online schoolwork and quizzes on Chromebooks because of bad school WiFi
  • I can’t call or text anyone, which could be bad in emergency situations

Now, of course, this is the pros and cons of not having a phone, and there’s still a reason I don’t happen to have one, with them being that

  • I don’t have a plan or to pay any expenses
  • I never have to go through the trouble recharge it during school
  • My tablet’s larger than a phone, so it’s harder to lose than a pocket-sized device (even though the models seem to be growing steadily as the years go on)
  • I don’t spend as much time with my nose stuck in a screen as I would with a phone

So this has been my pros and cons of having a phone. I hope you all realize that you don’t need your phone to survive. Maybe try a day or two without them, and you might be surprised with how much free time you actually have to do other things that you need to do, should be doing or want to do. Thanks for reading!