Geometry Dash 2.1 Official Release!


Kyle Peterson, Blueprint Staff


It’s finally here! The long-awaited 2.1 update for the popular game Geometry Dash, a both mobile and desktop game, has arrived. This particular update to Geometry Dash took much longer than expected, due to some major errors and setbacks, but on January 16th, the game updated.

The new update brought a large amount of gameplay and creator features into the Geometry Dash, here are some of the bigger ones..

New Level: Fingerdash
This 12-Star level is the only level in the Geometry Dash story mode that contains 2.1 features. This is the 21st level that had been introduced to story mode, and the 7th level with the Insane difficulty. Fingerdash introduces the features of Update 2.1, Including the Black Orbs, Dash Orbs, Red Jump Pads, the new Spider gameplay mode, the bat/dragon enemy, lava, and new decoration blocks.
This level also uses new triggers such as the Rotate trigger (Spinning an object around a specified center), the Count trigger (Used as a mechanic to unlock Secret Coin) and others such as Animate and Shake triggers.

New Gameplay Mode: Spider
This new mode is similar to the ball mode (Which switches gravity every time is is interacted with), but it rather teleports to the nearest surface, and switches gravity. The gamemode is very precise, and can be a big challenge to overcome.

New Icon System: The Shop
After Beating or getting to a certain point in the level, a new feature called ‘Mana Orbs’ activates. You will get more Mana Orbs based on the difficulty of the level. While levels rated Easy get 50 orbs per level, the more difficult Demon levels get 500 per level. With these Mana Orbs, you can go into the shop and buy Icons, colors, trails, death effects, etc.

New Easter Eggs and Secrets
There is two new vaults. One acts as the vault from 2.0 (If you type in a keyword, you will get a reward), and once a player has achieved 200 Diamonds, they can take on the challenge.
After getting 5 Demon Keys, a player can access the other vault, called the Treasure Room. This room has 200 different chests, and take 1 demon key to open each. After getting 500 Diamonds, the player can then access a hidden shop…

There are many more features to this new update, and the 2.1 Update would take the title of the biggest update in Geometry Dash yet.