Blaine High School RANT – Why are the School’s Hallways Worse than the Beijing 50 Lane Highway?

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Tyler Antczak, Video Editor


So I have some venting to do. And I’m sure that many other students at Blaine High School do as well. Now that first trimester has passed, I am certain that many students will agree when I say that the hallways of the school are quite botched.

Visualize yourself walking through the hallways or between the lockers between passing time. That’s right. You’re not walking. You’re waiting behind an endless crowd of people moving slower than turtles. Or standing behind a group of people waiting for them to move out of the way so you can go to class, your locker, lunch or wherever you are supposed to be. It’s a never ending routine that all students and even teachers go through each day. Just listen to what eleventh grader, Mikayla Foss, has to say about these halls, “There are way too many people and it’s crowded.”  

Blueprint’s editor and chief, Joel Freecheck, states that there should be hallway regulations that make them work like traffic. “The hallways should be like roads, with lanes and proper turns.” Joel’s solution to the problem could be successful. However, street systems are more complicated than just two lanes. Pretty soon there will be crossing guards directing people IN the school hallways.

Another issue that students have to deal with is insubordination. You can’t ask someone to move out of the way anymore, because statistics show that the probability they will have some respect for you, are very slim chances. So individuals are reduced to shuffling, pushing, and plowing through these crowds of people with great angst.  

I want to address an issue that I have seen and experienced in these hallways. I can’t recall the last time I saw physical, face to face bullying. I’ll tell you one thing: since the rise of cyber bullying, students have been able to hide behind an illuminated curtain to do their dirty work. Sure, you might see pushing in the hallways. But odds are you won’t get out of their way. I’ll give Blaine some credit though, they have managed to dramatically decrease the amount of bullying in the hallways. Because Verizon took over that enterprise.

In conclusion, “These people move like slugs.” – Mitchell Lindsey.