The Misadventures of Green Triangle-Episode 9-Lava Floor

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Max Koop, BHS Blueprint Staff Member


Blue Circle wakes up from his slumber and he’s very hot. He opens his eyes and the floor under him is…LAVA! He looks down to see Green Triangle and Red Cube trying to figure out where to go.

“What do we do?!” yelled Blue Circle in a panic.

Green Triangle looks up and sees Blue Circle panicking.

“Blue Circle, I need you to throw your mattress on the floor, we need a platform to get on.”

“Why just not just call somebody that’ll help us?”

“First of all, the phone is in the kitchen and so are my waffles” Green Triangle answers.

Blue Circle very confused says “Waffles? That’s not our problem right now!”

“Dude, I fell asleep last night so excited to wake up and get my waffles. I got an idea. You guys get the phone, and I’ll get the waffles.”

Blue Circle answers back “I guess so..”

Blue circle throws down his mattress and they all get on it. Red Cube grabs her appearinator so he can make paddles. They paddle through the house.

“Oh uh guys I think the mattress is disintegrating. Quick! Jump on that table!”

The bed is seconds away from ashes. Red Cube jumps last but didn’t get far. His hands sweaty when Blue Circle grabs them.


Red Cube slipping slowly, says something, “Eat the waffles..”

Red Cube falls slowly and sticks his thumb up before being taken by the lava.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Blue Circle screams with fists tight.”DAMN YOU LAVA!!!”

Green Triangle sheds his man tears. “We do this for Red Cube.”

They jump on to the breakfast bar. Green Triangle makes it but with also sweaty hands starts slipping.

Blue Circle hasn’t jumped yet but he can’t cause Green Triangle is there struggling when suddenly his hand slips, and Green Triangle is falling. He stares Blue Circle straight in the face and says, “Eat the waffles..”

Green Triangle falls into the hot, oozing lava. “NOOOOOOOOO! They’re all ashes..” Blue Circle looks over and sees portraits of Green Triangle and Red Cube. He looks at the phone.

“I can do this! I’ll get this fixed.”

He gets Red Cube’s invention Cool Blast! to cool his hands so they don’t fail him at the breakfast bar. He jumps across and he makes it without slipping. Blue Circle grabs the phone to dial 911. Suddenly The Ghost of Green Triangle appears to tell him something.

“Remember Blue Circle, use the toaster..”

Blue Circle with his mouth wide open says, “I got the phone there’s no time for that now.”

The phone gets picked up by..The Ghost of Red Cube!! And gets thrown in with a toss. Blue Circle furious starts yelling, “That was our chance and you ruined it Red Cube! Why?!”

Red Cube shakes his head sideways. “Remember my last words Blue Circle..”

Blue Circle has a flashback to Red Cube’s last words…”Eat the waffles”

Blue Circle very confused starts the toaster up and throws the waffles in. He turns it on. 60 seconds. The house starts crumbling. Blue Circle has to hurry he sprints to the cupboard and leans off the counter just far enough without slipping to grab the syrup. 40 seconds. He sprints to grab a plate. The house halfway falls into the ground. Sinkhole! He grabs a fork and knife to cut through the waffles. 10 seconds. He waits for them to pop-up.

They pop and Blue Circle jumped and screamed. He jumped backwards and he’s holding on to the counter. He grabs the syrup and knocks over the toaster. The waffles fall out and he grabs one and the rest fall into the sinkhole. The sinkhole far down he lets go with syrup and a waffle in his hand. He’s falling. He squeezes the syrup bottle hard on the waffle. The golden waffle is covered in syrup. He takes one bite and he disappears. He’s back home and he’s sitting on the couch reading Good Housekeeping. Green Triangle is there and so is Red Cube. Blue Circle is shocked and says, “You’re here you guys!”

Green Triangle says, “Yeah..Where else would we be?”

Blue Circle unsure of reality answers back “I don’t know..I don’t know..”