The Misadventures of Green Triangle-Episode 8-Pogo Jumping on Mars

The Triumphant Return!


Max Koop, BHS Blueprint Staff Member


Green Triangle awoke to the sight of his roof. In his triple bunk at the top, he bravely jumps down to the floor hoping he doesn’t break his angles. Green Triangle thinks to himself, “Oh wow very avoid continuing the plot the writer just makes it up as a dream. He won’t care about the audience he just wants that letter. Man that was getting pretty tense too.Always at the climax!”He jumps in his teleporter cause he feels like going to Mars to do some pogo jumping.Hopefully, though he wouldn’t get caught by Mars most notorious gangster Crimshaw Glutenheimer.If Green Triangle was caught by this wretched man he would be tortured and maybe even killed.With the life of Green Triangle in Crimshaw Glutenheimer’s hands, his life could be in serious danger.Screw it, though!Pogo jumping on Mars!Green Triangle is not afraid of a Glutenheimer.12 weeks earlier Green Triangle had to thumb wrestle his brother Hoochkins.And he won.Pogo Jumping on Mars is a once in a lifetime opportunity.Green Triangle was not going to miss this.So Green Triangle steals Red Cube’s cupcake phaser.If Brett Ratner came up to him, just a blast of Green Triangles cupcake phaser and Brett Ratner is now a cupcake with big fluffy frosting and even a cherry on top.

Really cool montage of Green Triangle going through space in his teleporter.Montage includes shots of Mars and other planets and shots of Green Triangles amazed face.During the montage, Starman by David Bowie is playing.Cool Annnnnnd Scene!

Green Triangle has arrived at Mars.He quick grabs his pogo stick and he starts jumping away like a kangaroo on steroids.Green Triangle jumped so high he ended up on a picture taken by the Hubble telescope.Soon enough though Crimshaw had found Green Triangle.Green Triangle was jumping so fast he couldn’t aim.He managed to though because when Green Triangle was a young lad he had won an expert marksman medal by the Association of Triangle Marksman.Now that Crimshaw was a cupcake, Green Triangle had to deal with his henchmen.There were only 2 henchmen working for Crimshaw so should’ve been easy right?Both henchmen were built like Arnold Schwarzenegger.They both had big machine guns that go boom and can kill easily.

Suddenly a big purple spaceship appears and lands right behind the henchmen.Both Red Cube and Blue Circle pop out.”You lucky S.O.B.” says Red Cube.”You would’ve ended up like scrambled eggs if you hadn’t stolen my cupcake phaser you, thief!”Quickly Green Triangle throws the phaser at Red Cube and then Red Cube double taps the phaser at the henchmen and both men are soon cupcakes.

Green Triangle, Red Cube, and Blue Circle all each grab a cupcake, even though Blue Circle did nothing to even sorta help out, and raise their cupcakes high but not too high because these shapes are fat and short.Unless Green Triangle is isosceles.When those cupcakes are raised high in the air in unison they all shout, “HOORAH!!!” The cheer of victory.

Those cupcakes tasted awful, though.Both henchmen had massive body odor that kill a dozen men in a minute.Even worse, Crimshaw Glutenheimer had a disease known as Whinesnooters which had can be caused by being so evil you infect yourself.Green Triangle eventually got sick and went into a coma along with Red Cube and Blue Circle on their triple bunk and maybe will awaken soon for more non-sensical you people eat up.Oh, wait Blue Circle has awoken.

Oh, wait here let me give you a hint what happens.Have you ever seen Avatar?Well, basically Blue Circle opened his eyes for a second then the screen blacks out and rolls credits.Dang another stupid cliffhanger!Writers sure do love their cliches.

~To Be Continued(For real this time!)~