The Simpsons App Review

Connor Stanley


The Simpson app “Tapped Out” is made by Electronic Arts INC, it’s based by the characters off of the Simpsons.

The game starts with a 1 min video and Homer Simpson is working at the nuclear plant and he accidentally blows up springfield.

From there you have to rebuild Springfield and get it back to what it once was. Its similar to Clash of Clans where you start off with nothing and you have to build your way up.

This game also has cut scenes as you get farther into the game. If i were to rate this game it would be 10 out of 10. Because it’s really addictive and some of the stuff the characters say it’s hilarious.

Also it’s a good time killer, if you’re waiting for something or someone you can play this game. So if i were in need of a fun game to play i would download this game.