Mrs. Wontor Retiring December 19, 2014


Tyler Antczak

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Mackenzie Meyers, BHS Blueprint Staff Member


As Mrs. Wontor is finishing her teaching career she has a piece of advice for students. “Don’t rely so much on technology that you don’t use your brains.” Mrs. Wontor has been teaching for 21 years. Her first job was at Roseville Middle School in 1992. She then came to Anoka Hennepin in 1994 and has been at Blaine since 1999. Her favorite thing about teaching is, “the students without a doubt. I love it when students get excited about learning. Even if it means they argue with me.” Mrs. Wontor’s motto is you should have a little fun in every class. “It’s okay to laugh and have some joy.”

Mrs. Wontor is retiring this month to start a youth ministry, to pray with and for kids. She wants to encourage kids to stand up for what they really believe in and wants everyone to be inspired to be the best that they can be and to make each year better than before. Mrs. Wontor encourages everyone to ask themselves the question- “What can you do to really impact the world for good? Remember to push yourself but don’t stress yourself, because life lessons aren’t just about getting A’s.”

Mrs. Wontor is going to miss the energy of students especially ninth graders. “I’m gonna really miss being part of watching you graduate.” She wants to be a teacher who is remembered not just for her laugh but, “I want people to know that I was a teacher who cared…about her subjects and about her students.”