Hunger Games vs. Catching Fire Review

Hunger Games vs. Catching Fire Review

The Hunger Games has been one of the most popular and profitable books of the decade. But between it’s sequel, Catching Fire, has the Hunger Games manage to compete or simmer out.

The Hunger Games

Copies Sold: 23mil books+Ebook

Pages: 384

Movie Gross: $691,247,768

Twitter Followers: 122k

Catching Fire

Copies Sold: 14mil books+Ebooks

Pages: 374

Movie Gross: $858,218,507

Twitter Followers: 1.14mil


The Hunger Games Trilogy has been a massive success, selling millions of books worldwide. On Amazon, the trilogy was #1 in Ebook sales until the Divergent Series swooped in to rack up more sales. Now while the whole series as a whole has been very popular, between the first and second book, which one is the most widespread?

As many of these young adult novels go today (HG, Divergent, Maze Runner, Eragon) the first book always sells the most. The Hunger Games is no exception, with the first book selling over 23 million print and eBook copies worldwide as of 2013. Catching Fire did better than Mockingjay, the third book of the Hunger Games Trilogy with 14 million sold altogether.  While sale rates don’t guarantee quality, it sure says something.

Speaking of Quality it seems Catching Fire got better reviews than the Hunger Games, yet those are critics, and fans often have different opinions. The Fans voted the first book as the best while the second as the runner-up. The Third one everyone hated, but that is for another review. Also the Hunger Games has 10 more pages then Catching Fire, but that does not really say much.

Movies are very different than books. The Hunger Games made just under 700 million in box office while Catching Fire made almost 900 million. What’s even more interesting is that both of the Hunger Games films have accumulated over 400 million in domestic grosses! That is a lot compared to many films. The only other movies that has grossed that much are Iron Man 3 (1 billion worldwide) and Frozen is expected to reach that number soon. It’s great to see that the United States are sticking with the Film Series.

Finally, it’s Social Media time. In society today, Social Media is extremely popular and can really affect how a movie or book preforms in the world of business.  Catching Fire is the leader with over 1.4mil twitter follower and the Hunger Games is far behind with 122K. Obviously you can see this matter by looking at the movie grosses.

Overall, Catching Fire has done better in the long run, but they are close knit and you can’t have just one winner without doing a lot of math which I did but am not going to input into the site. Thanks for reading, Joel Freecheck.