Blaine Plays Lights Out: Class 6A State Quarterfinal


On the snowy night of November 8, Bengal football played the Eastview Lightning in the Class 6A state quarterfinal round. Blueprint photographers were sent to provide an intimate look at the Bengals in action a few feet away from the turf. They captured how the players, cheerleaders, parents, and students braved the cold and the sudden blackout. Continue reading to experience these moments.

All stands still during the Star Spangled Banner. Bengals prepare to win or go home.
Ball boys heat footballs in the biting cold.
Coaches and players feel the magnitude of this game and carefully plan out each play with intense focus.
Managers conduct a mid-game helmet repair. In the background, students and cheerleaders anxiously await for the Bengals to score.
Bengals score their first Touchdown.
Blaine scores the extra point, cementing their dominance.
In the second quarter, everyone begins to feel the cold. Cheerleaders warm themselves with hand warmers and blankets between cheers.
Students huddle together to block the frozen wind.
Managers battle with the cold to provide players with water. The water pumps of the water coolers are frozen and bottles must be kept close to the heat of the flames to prevent them from having a similar fate.
To keep warm, kickers practice their moves while the game continues.
Students trip across the walkways along the stands that turned into an icy slip n’ slide.
When halftime is called, Bengals run back to the warmth of the locker room with high hopes after securing a lead on Eastview 14-2.
Parents wait for the game to commence after halftime. Many stand as the metal bleachers have become too cold to sit.
One minute into the second half, the lights began to flicker. The scoreboard shuts down and there is an uproar of confusion. Half of the lights turn off, and two minutes later all of them are black. The stadium is shrouded in darkness.
Football players huddle around the burning gas. Everyone waits for a sign to keep playing or to go home.
Cameramen and reporters amidst the confusion.
Students stay optimistic. An impromptu Guys’ Dance Line performs in front of the student section.
Cheerleaders from Eastview cross the field to Blaine to comfort one another.
Mr. Gerrety announces that the game is postponed due to a blown fuse and will be continued the next day. All head home in the glare of flickering police lights.


Despite the confusion of the blackout and the inconclusive game, this night created an unstoppable wave of momentum. Bengals carried it into the next day to have a crushing defeat of Eastview, and it will continue with them as they advance to play in the state semifinal round in US Bank Stadium this Thursday.