The Misadventures of The Green Triangle – Episode 1 – The End


Green Triangle

Dereck Larson


“Studies have shown that 95% of children, over the age of 81, do skip to the end of a series to read the very last bit, and claim they have indeed read the series, to the end.”

This adventure started off, as what would seem a normal day, in the mystical world, of Green Triangle, of course this isn’t his world, he doesn’t own it, but the general idea is that you view his story, through the eyes of his loved ones, and himself.

Today’s adventure starts off with green triangle, and the mysterious T-Rex that goes by the name of chuck-the-stegosaurus, walking down a very dangerous road next to the very safe road that leads to the same destination, of Black Oval’s cookie shop, that sells potato chips.

On the way, they met Red Cube in the jungles of Antarctica, and started a conversation, about the upcoming book series, written by Purple Rectangle, “The Legend of Trees”

“I’m telling your Cube, this T-Rex, is gunna eat the book, and its gunna give him a paper cut.” Quoted by Triangle

“Well Triangle, the only way to remedy a paper cut regardless, involves not only removing the extra toe that I have in my ear, but it may also involve getting some burritos from my Italian Pizza Parlor”

“Hey guys … Hey guys … can I be in this Misadventures too? Please?” said the Mysterious T-Rex

Then in flash, they were captured by the evil lamppost named Karl, whose goal was just to steal all of the reader’s attention, and direct it to his misadventure series, called “Insert Title of Misadventure Series Here”

“What a tricky situation we are in today, eh Triangle?”

“Shut up Cube, I am trying to steal all of your reader’s attention, quit saying cube things, and have a taste of my spicy ice-cream sandwich, they are delicious.”

“So, can I go? I technically wasn’t in the plot at all today, why am I here?” said Blue Circle

“No Circle, you haven’t gotten a get out of jail free card today, you keep rolling doubles, and claimed a monopoly, that’s enough for you to be stuck in here with me.” Green Triangle Claimed.

“Whoa whoa whoa, where is Orange-Orange?” said the Narrator

“He’s probably working overtime in his gift shop that sells me all of my torture tools” claimed Triangle

“Would you guys please escape these traps now, and get on with this plot? My head hurts, and I’m out of baking soda for my dandruff” said Karl

“Ok, thanks for the tea Karl, and please, don’t hesitate to have us again, we do enjoy your company”

“Shut up Chuck, we need to escape” Red cube exclaimed

And in a blink of an eye, they were put back onto the dangerous road that would lead them to a place that no longer has potato chips, but instead now sells steaks, delicious, moldy steaks.


To Be Continued … but most likely not, the title said the end

Dereck Larson

“Those who knew Blue Circle, knew her as a Blue Circle”