The Force Awakens Final Trailer Review

Only 2 months to go! You can do it!


Max Koop, BHS Blueprint Staff Member


It was a Monday, an unusual Monday though.It was a Monday many people were excited for.It only took four words to get people riled up.Four very simple words.Those four words being, new Star Wars trailer.I am a victim of these four words.When I heard the day before I couldn’t wait.How did it stand up?Let’s find out.

Monday at half-time during Monday Night Football the final trailer premiered and it was pretty good.I’m gonna go off by saying my only problem.Screw you, J.J. Abrams!Not one photo or small shot or any clip of Mark Hamill.You’re gonna make me wait for 2 WHOLE MONTHS!We’ve seen Harrison Ford on set and in 2 trailers before and even a glimpse of Carrie Fisher.That’s all great but not one small glimpse at the legendary Jedi himself?Guess we’re all going to have to wait.

Besides that, this trailer was good.We actually get to know what this movie is about without giving away too many details.All the visuals looked fantastic. You know that the minute I remembered tickets were on sale I started bouncing around like I was hopped up on steroids.My parents looked at me and thought I was having a seizure.

We see a little bit more about the villain and what he is doing.We see Finn and that his whole life he’s been training under the empire his whole life.He realizes he doesn’t know what he’s doing anymore working for the bad guys.We also see Rey and that she wants to help the rebels.We see she and Finn meet Han Solo and talk about Hans old days and ask if their true.Of course they are!We see Han and Chewbacca with their hands up like they got caught for something.We see Han and Leia hugging.We see some great looking dogfight sequences with tie fighters and the Millennium Falcon.Finn delivered his lines so well I’m already interested in his character.

It still adds mystery though and I’m really surprised this is the last trailer.Im also very glad the trailer did not give too much away.Trailers nowadays give away way too much.I could review Terminator: Genisys just based on the trailer alone(The Terminator franchise has had a rep for doing that though).Overall the trailer got me pumped for Star Wars and it also got pumped because its freaking Star Wars!Duh! No doubt it’ll be better than the first 2 prequels and maybe Return of the Jedi.If you think it’ll be better than Episode 4 or 5 you’re out of your mind and should be put in a psychiatric hospital.Star Wars The Force Awakens will hit theatres everywhere December 18th this year.