The Rockstar Game, The Internet’s Greatest Browser-Based Music Sim [QUICK REVIEW]

How has such a gem gone under the radar for gamers?

Joel Freecheck, Editor-in-Chief


rockstar header

In the Internet era, even the smallest, most remote corners of the web are surfed millions of times per day. From small blogs to bustling news outlets to simple (but extraordinary) videos of Darth Vader breathing for ten hours straight, the Internet is a world of its own.

So how does a browser-based game where you can essentially embody a rock band/pop-star not draw waves upon waves of people? Sure, the music simulation crowd is a niche, but the game has it all, and is definitely underrated.

The game’s design and concept are relatively simple, yet require a steep learning-curve to really create a model band/star. You start off on the homepage, and from there you can choose to either connect with facebook or create an account. After passing the first step, you’re allowed to create a band/solo artist and jump right into the action.

The Rockstar Game is really a social game, but can be played successfully and enjoyably without help or contact with the numerous players. I started playing months ago, and have already seen countless partnerships by players (which are called “labels”), and the largest I’ve seen so far is Avonn Records, led by a player called Enigma. You can choose to be independent, but if you do good on your own, don’t be surprised to see a recruiting message from Avonn Records or other labels.

rockstar gameWhen you start out, you have to train your band/artist in ability and songwriting in order to perform great tours and write outstanding songs. This takes a while, but is core to the game. Eventually you’ll reach Enigma’s stage, and be able to write quality music and put on excellent shows.

The game also has a live ranking system, as you can see, Enigma is currently the 227th best artist in the game (which is worldwide) and currently rising. To increase your rank you have to put out singles and albums, and also tour and gain money.

rockstar chartsOnce you max out your talent, you can write songs and put out singles and albums. Both single and albums have their own regional Top 40 charts, where you can compete against other players worldwide. This is really the core of the game. If your artist is popular enough, your music can compete against the top players on the worldwide charts, and hitting the #1 spot is really the end goal.

You will also see real-world artists/bands such as Imagine Dragons and Marina and the Diamonds in the game. These are really dedicated players who take the time to create an in-game representation of the artist/band. It is frowned upon for normal users to create a real-world artist/band, since it takes a lot of time and dedication to pull it off.

rockstar singlesEach time you release a single or album, it is listed within your discography, here you can see a part of Enigma’s single discography. Clicking on each of the singles will reveal a full ranking of how it did on each of the charts.

There is also a discography for your band/artist’s albums.

I highly recommend that you play this game. It is online and can be accessed on your phone or any device connected to the internet. My artist, a soul/pop artist named Joel Freecheck has been signed under Avonn Records and is currently #334 worldwide, and while nerdy, I’m proud 🙂


Thanks for reading, Joel Freecheck.