Rest in Peace George Floyd

George Floyd, in his memory.

Memorial in honor of George Floyd.

Jim Mone

Memorial in honor of George Floyd.

Sofia Saucedo, Editor in Chief


These past few days are proof against those that claim that “racism does not exist”. If racism does not exist, then why are thousands of innocent POC been harassed, abused, and murdered. Through this, I have heard excuses from the people around me, such as my grandpa saying that “maybe he (George Floyd) was choking”. That is not only ignorant but is a blatant disregard for the justice Floyd deserves. I hold my family close to my heart, but the people that continue to make excuses for corrupt law enforcement racism makes me ashamed. White America used to consider black people 3/5th of a person. While that may not legally stand, our society still acts as though it does. 

If Colin Kaepernick can’t peacefully protest on one knee without people become enraged, then what can we do if people protesting is not allowed for an unjust death of a black man at the hands of a white cop. It should not have to be the oppressed citizens who carry their freedom, the government should be handing it to them. While violent protesting may not be the ultimate model of anger, I understand that it is one of our last. Due to that, we should be concerned about the reason behind the protests. If Donald Trump can avoid r*pe charges and continue to be president, but Floyd is murdered for an accusation (that was proven wrong), then it is clear that America NEEDS this wakeup call.

Additionally, those “scoundrels” who are destroying Minneapolis aren’t people of color, they are white supremacists whose goal is to put unnecessary blame on those who deserve justice. Just a simple search shows people such as Youtuber Jake Paul looting and destroying. Many of the older, white generations turn against people of color. Small businesses that want nothing more than to support a family are crushed, speckled with the blood of the innocent. 

Today, I am angry and tired. I am tired of racism, murder, and corruption. Yet I have an unimaginable amount of privilege. I cannot begin to imagine the pain the people of color and those close to George Floyd have to go through. 


“Racism isn’t getting worse, it’s getting filmed.” – Will Smith