COVID-19 vaccine


Amber mannino


COVID 19 is all over the world; it was announced as a global pandemic in march of 2020. Almost a year later cases are still rising, people are still dying, places are still shut down and some places have permanently closed.

We have tried many different methods to try and help end the coronavirus, masks are required everywhere, there has to be 6 feet between you and others, schools have shut down, we’ve gone on lock down, and there’s one more thing we are trying -a covid 19 vaccine.

The distribution of this vaccine is led by the federal government who then tells each state how much vaccine they get and when. The state of Minnesota and the department of health work with hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, tribal health, and local public health such as Anoka county to get the vaccine to minnesotans.

This vaccine is being placed out to people in different phases, at the moment the vaccine is not available to the public and need to be 18 years or older to possibly qualify phase 1a. Phase 1a is only available to health care workers and police officers the vaccine is only available at the workplace and only for those following.

The next phase of vaccines will be given to teachers and other school staff and this phase will be called 1b. The state of Minnesota does not have a firm day of the state of phase 1b but believe it will start sometime in February or the beginning of March. At the moment all vaccines are arranged through the employers, but once the Covid 19 vaccine is available to everyone you will have to bring a photo id and the location of the vaccines are not determined yet.