How to Behave at a Football Game


BHS Blueprint Staff, Staff


Tonight, the Blaine Bengals are playing Eastview in the Class 6A State Quarterfinal game.  If you are attending this game, or any other football game, the BHS Blueprint has compiled helpful tips for how you should behave.

  • Boo the Color Guard when they drop their flags
  • Wear Eastview gear underneath your Blaine gear so that you can switch sides if Blaine starts losing
  • Storm the press box
  • Do a rim shot every time there is a negative play for Blaine
  • Stare at your phone the entire game.  There’s nothing to see on the field.
  • Bring binoculars but only look at the other spectators
  • Storm the field after every quarter
  • Reenact every play in the bleachers
  • After a play, turn around and holler “What are you doing?” at the person behind you
  • Ask for free refills on your Skittles
  • If Blaine loses, come talk to Mr. Loo’s cactus about being a disappointment
  • Sit in the Parents’ Section
  • Start your own concession stand