Macbook Air Review


McKayla Johnson, Writer


When I opened the package of the Macbook Air for the first time, I saw the 2 meter charging cord with the power adapter, the macbook itself, and pamphlets explaining how to set up the mac and explaining the mac itself. I plugged in the macbook, turned it on, and started setting it up. I logged in with my apple ID and all of my contacts and data from my iphone were immediately synced with my Macbook. This means that whenever I would get a text message or a facetime call, it would also ring in on my mac. My photos from my iphone also appeared on my mac. When my mac would start to get dirty, I would wipe the screen down with an eyeglass cloth, and I would take a q-tip and clean the keyboard.

The main reason I got the Macbook was to work on school. In order to be able to accomplish this, the mac needed to have a good battery life. The Macbook air is said to have up to 12 hours of battery life, so I tested to see if this was true. I use the Macbook from around 7:40 am to around 2:20 pm everyday doing school with minimal breaks allowing the battery to rest. By the end of the day, the mac has around 20% of battery left (without charging throughout the day). Based on this data, one could assume that the mac most likely won’t be able to fulfill the 12 hours of battery life, but it can come pretty close. 

A few other benefits of the Macbook air are the weight of it, and the touch ID key. The mac weighs around 2.75 pounds, which makes it easy to carry around throughout the day, especially in a backpack. The mac is super lightweight and doesn’t require much effort when traveling with it. The touch ID is a very helpful feature, because it allows you to log into your computer in less than a second, just by using your fingerprint. It is also a secure way of keeping your computer locked. 

A few downsides I have found while using the Macbook air are the price, learning how to work the controls, and the fan. The starting price of the Macbook Air is $999, which many people are not willing to pay. With add-ons like increased storage, the price can rise to above $1,299. The Macbook has a large touchpad, which you can control just by swiping your fingers on it, kind of like an ipad. These controls can take time getting used to, especially if you are not familiar with Macbooks and are coming from having a PC. The fan is also a downside because sometimes when you are opening up a certain app, the fan will start to go off and can become a distraction. This makes me believe that the Macbook would not be the right fit for tasks such as editing, because it might not be able to handle all of it. 

The Macbook overall is a great option for students who need a computer for school, and who want a simple but intelligent computer to do the job.