Pest Sitting: Time With My Family

Pest Sitting: Time With My Family

Terrance Lemley


      Coronacation. We are all experiencing it but here in the Lemley, Kota, and Lorch household…It is done a little differently. I will be sharing my observations of my siblings throughout these crazy times.

      We will start with my youngest sister, Laiken. She is probably handling this better than anyone else mostly because she is only three years of age. She enjoys having all of us around and is soaking up as much attention as possible. She often mentions that she misses school a lot, which I find hilarious.

      Next, is my younger stepbrother, Landen. He is going through a lot with this whole lockdown. Constantly running back to his mom’s house down the street then back to our house to bool it up with me. He also shaved his head and spent his time hunting birds and playing Fortnite. Although, he is facing some difficulties with his online learning.

      We will now take a look into Kylie’s life. She is taking this as cruddy as possible. Throwing fits because she cannot see her friends and screaming when she is asked to do chores. It is absolute chaos. She fills her face with food all day, plays Fortnite with her weird little girlfriends all night, sleeps in till 1 am and then takes an absurd amount of naps a day. It makes no sense to me. She needs to understand she has an autoimmune disease and if she gets COVID-19, her life would be threatened.

      On the other hand, I am chilling. I am very upset about my senior year ending like this, but it is alright. Online school is easy but the grading system is foolish because it is more assignment heavy and the teachers grade more rigorously than at school.