Does Billie Eilish’s Album Make Me “Happier Than Ever”?

Billie Bossa Nova returns with a new take on fame with her album “Happier Than Ever”

Does Billie Eilishs Album Make Me Happier Than Ever?

Emma Truchon


“Getting Older”

“Getting Older” is the first track on Billie’s album. The lyrics to the song explain that as Billie is getting older she is changing for the better and at the end, she sings “I’ve had some trauma, did things I didn’t wanna. Was too afraid to tell ya, but now, I think it’s time.” This is a great track to begin the album with because it’s showing that Billie is becoming a new person, so her music will have a new taste and explain different topics than her last album “When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?”. 

“I Didn’t Change My Number”

As you listen to the first track, the beat is similar to Billie’s last album, but this second song has a completely different vibe. I feel this is more similar to her songs on “Don’t Smile at Me”. “I Didn’t Change My Number” explains how she is starting to become more selective about the people in her life, and she is not going to let others walk all over her. It’s a great beat and an even better song. 

“Billie Bossa Nova”

This song also gives the same new sound that Billie is going for on this album. She portrays such confidence that you haven’t seen before, and it makes you feel the same way. 

“my future” 

“my future” is beautiful. The beginning has a slowness to it, speeds up in the middle, and goes back to the piano by the end. She explains how she is in love with the person she is becoming, but I can say I am in love with her breathy vocals. 


This song really starts talking about the different kinds of topics Billie wanted to cover on this album. Oxytocin is a hormone that affects attachment. In another song on this album, she explains how she detached herself from friends and family because of her ex-boyfriend. This one shows that since she has been detaching herself from others, she doesn’t want her ex to leave or she will feel vulnerable and alone or lose her oxytocin. 


The beat of the sixth track starts out angelic-like, with breathtaking vocals. Special effects, drums, and bass are all present by the end of the song with fast-paced lyrics. The song is about someone being in the pure stage of life, and Billie is warning her about the trauma that is soon to come.

“Lost Cause”

In this upbeat song, Billie explains that her partner has stopped putting in effort to their relationship. They are “nothing but a lost cause”. It’s not the same as when they used to be in love. These catchy lyrics get stuck in your head, this song is definitely radio material. 

“Your Power” 

Before listening to this I would like to give you all a warning that you may start tearing up. This song is about being in an abusive relationship, but you could look at it in different ways. When hearing this you can really feel the pain, whether or not you can make a connection. Billie really shows her vulnerability, and she created another 10/10 song.


In this track Billie talks about her struggles with having as much fame as she has. An NDA is a legal document involving keeping closely guarded secrets, a secret. Instead of having normal relationships, she has come to the point where people need to start signing NDA’s. I love how this song shows the side of being famous that no one really thinks about.

“Therefore I am” 

You might’ve heard this catchy song on the radio, and in my opinion, it was well deserved. It had been stuck in my head months after it had come out. Billie is basically telling people who are using her for her name to stop because she is “not [their] friend”.

“Happier Than Ever”

“Happier Than Ever” is another track that you have probably heard on the radio. I absolutely love this song that starts out slow and beautiful and ends dramatically and angry. She shows so much emotion and hurt in her voice, and all I can say is that you should go give this one a listen.

“Male Fantasy”

This song has the most breathy, alluring vocals, with light guitar in the background. It really shows Billie’s unique voice that puts her apart from other artists. I could honestly get put to sleep listening to this. “Male Fantasy” is a solid song to end her album on, that will make you want to listen to it over and over again. 


“Happier Than Ever” is Billie Eilish’s second studio album, and in my opinion lives up to her first. She explains her past trauma, and the hardships she has been through. The album had many radio hits and helped Billie get four Grammy nominations. It must have been hard to live up to “When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?”, and some may say Billie is in her flop era, but I believe these are some pretty solid songs.