How To Be The Most The Most Annoying Kid In Class

A complete guide on how to make everyone’s blood boil.

How To Be The Most The Most Annoying Kid In Class

Emma Truchon, Writer


Sitting at your desk, you are trying to concentrate on the work your teacher just assigned. Your leg bounces up and down, up and down. Sweat drips down your forehead. You shake your head, you are starting to get frustrated. Concentration is impossible when all you can hear is the loud muffled music coming from the kid next to you’s AirPods. You are annoyed. 

Nobody likes the annoying kid in class. Well, unless you are the annoying kid in class. They make everyone’s blood boil, even the teachers. Today I’m going to show you how to be that kid, so you aren’t that kid. 

First, as I said before you need to play the loudest upbeat music into your AirPods. Make sure to turn the volume all the way up so that everyone can hear. Oh, and if the teacher tells you to turn it down, don’t listen and turn it even higher. 

Next, take your huge bag of chips out of your backpack. When you open the bag, make sure you crinkle it as much as you can. As you eat your chips, you need to CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP as loud as you can. Don’t forget to leave your mouth open so everyone can see the chewed-up food. Let little pieces of food fall out of your mouth onto the table, so you leave crumbs all over the desk. You need to make sure when you are done you don’t throw the bag away, instead crumble it up and leave it on the floor under your desk.

Another thing you need to do is ask the stupidest questions. If you think you could figure something out on your own, don’t. Ask the teacher, so they have to explain the assignment for the 100th time. Then every kid has to sit through another explanation when they could be working. 

Along with blaring music, you want to be sure that people know you’re enjoying it. Drum your hands on the desk along with the beat. Or even better, click your pen along with the beat. It might make others want to rip their own hair out, but hey, that’s the goal. 

If you really want to annoy people, make sure to interrupt them as much as possible. If the teacher starts talking, interrupt them. If a student raises their had to ask a question, interrupt. Basically, talk over anyone and everyone. Oh, and don’t be quiet about it, have the loudest talking voice possible.

Finally, just make sure to bother everyone around you. Layout your things everywhere, and take up the whole group of desks. Sit super close to them, to the point where personal space doesn’t even exist. Make sure you “accidentally” kick them every once in a while. If you follow these steps (which I would not recommend), you will be the most annoying kid in your class.