Working During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Matthew Ly


      Working during the COVID-19 pandemic is definitely one of the most difficult things that I have experienced. It does not help that working at Walmart is my first job and that Walmart is an essential store that needs to be open to the public since they provide food, medicine, home appliances, etc.

      Every time I walk into work the shelves and freezers are empty and of course, the toilet paper is gone. Throughout my time working at Walmart, I have never seen the shelves empty. It is bizarre to see all the cans of soup gone now.

      Honestly, working at Walmart during this time is not as difficult as some may presume because everything is empty. It is not hard to find the area an item needs to go to. It is enjoyable to see how fast I can finish the aisle that I am assigned to stock during my hours.

      The hardest thing that I had to personally deal with is when the customers are asking for a certain item that is out of stock and I am not able to get that item for them. For example, toilet paper. Everyone that has come in to get some, I had to turn down and tell them that we are all out since every time we were able to put any of it out, it is gone in an instant. I feel upset for the customers who actually need it versus the other customers who are panic buying and stockpiling toilet paper to cope with coronavirus fears.

      As of today, we received a lot of toilet paper. There is so much that we cannot fit it all on the shelves! We got many more cans of soup as well! I am very pleased that my managers were able to order the items that customers needed in their lives. There have been many hardships when it comes to trying to stock and order items that are essential to the customers’ lives, but at the same time, it is very easy for the staff to get all the items on the shelves every day.