Blaine’s high school orchestra seniors, class of 2019


Blueprint interviews 27 seniors from Blaine’s orchestra. Each was asked the following:

What school will you be attending and what will your major be?

What’s your favorite orchestra memory?


Abarna Anadaraj – Violin

“Next year I will be attending the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities for Biomedical Engineering.”

“One of my favorite memories is making new friends in orchestra.”


Jansen Balfany – Cello

“My plans are to go to the University of Northern Iowa to earn a bachelor’s degree in Music Performance.”

“ My favorite memories are when Schaefle wore a dinosaur costume to our last concert sophomore year, New York shenanigans, and going to Starbucks every day.”


Sam Ball – Violin

“ I will be attending the University of North Dakota to study Mechanical Engineering.”

“I had a great time playing the awesome pieces and being able to learn a ton about music.”


Joe Bensing – Cello

“ I will be attending the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities to study Electrical Engineering.”

“Orchestra has spurred a life-long passion for music in me, and the memories I’ve made will last me for a lifetime. All the amazing, interesting music we play in class had challenged me to improve both as a performer and student, and my appreciation for all kinds of music has grown stronger over the years.”


Cassie Corbett – Viola

“I will be studying Pre-Law at the University of Tampa.”

“My favorite orchestra memory is getting to spend every day with Sarah and my home-girl Tatiana.”


Sarah Corbett – Cello

“I will be attending the University of St. Thomas and majoring in Criminal Justice in the spring of 2020. I’m also enlisted in the Air Force Reserve, where I will be away at training this summer.”

“My favorite orchestra memory is playing at the Christmas Concert each year and Cassie too.


Maddie Danz – Violin

“ My future plans are to attend Aveda Institute in Minneapolis for Esthiology.

“A favorite memory of mine would be getting to be stand partners with Gaocheng since 6th grade. Another fun memory would be getting to watch Schaefle during our rehearsals.”


Hunter Erickson – Viola

“I will be attending the University of Minnesota-Duluth and plan to study sports and medicine and hope to become a Sports Medicine Physician.”

“My favorite orchestra moments were at all the Christmas concerts.”


Adrienne Foley – Cello

“I will be attending North Hennepin Community College as an undecided major in spring of 2020. Before starting college, I will be training in the Air Force reserve.”


Stevey Joy France – Violin

“My future plans are to continue in the National Guard and hopefully be deployed. Someday I would like to be a Dental Hygienist.”

“My favorite memories are when we went to New York, and when I first met Schaefle.”


Sydney Gatlin – Viola

“ I will be attending Iowa State University to study Microbiology.”

“Some of my favorite memories are 1. NYC: the most amazing trip with an amazing group and I had the most fun time of my life. 2. at one concert Paul Hargove’s mom came on stage and wanted a picture of Paul and Hunter, and she wouldn’t get off until they both turned around and smiled, but they kept arguing and everyone in the orchestra was dying”


Paul Glunz – Cello

“My college plans are to attend North Dakota State University and major in Electrical Engineering, with a minor in Biomedical Engineering.”

“My favorite orchestra memory is the time I spent with my friends on our New York trip. That was probably the most fun I’ve had in high school.


Morgan Gunderson – Violin

“I plan to go to cosmetology school and get my cosmetology license, and hopefully work in a salon someday, but my school is still undecided.”

“My favorite orchestra memory was definitely New York, being surrounded by so many great people in a new place and making new friendships.”


Tatiana Huele – Viola

“My future plans are to work until I go to Brigham Young University, Idaho, as a History major.”

“I’m so excited to be graduating this year with so many memories of orchestra. Orchestra has helped me in so many indescribable ways and I will miss it dearly.”


Tyler Holm – Cello

“I plan to major in Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.”

“Schaefle has made orchestra one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life, and I never would have enjoyed it as much as I did it if it weren’t for him. I always loved how the class was usually light-hearted and casual, but when songs get difficult Schaefle really whips us into shape.”


Jakob Itrich – Violin

“I plan on joining the Army and going to college for auto mechanics.”

“My favorite orchestra memories were Schaeflesaurus and when Schaefle conducted with a plunger.”


Kailin Jolstad – Viola

“I’m attending Luther College in the fall and will continue to study Music Performance, as well as Psychology.”

“I had so many fun experiences in orchestra, it’s hard to choose one! I would say all of the redheads in Concert Orchestra this year were pretty awesome. Also, I had a fun time playing in the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies (GTCYS).”


Toan Lieu – Cello

“My plans are to go to the Milwaukee School of Engineering and majoring in Computer Science.

“One of my favorite moments was when we went to New York, waking up in the morning to see Tyler kicking Ben off the bed.”


Jordan Martinek – Violin

“In the fall I will be majoring in Political Science at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.”

“Going to New York City with the orchestra was a blast. The best thing about orchestra, though, has been the amazing people and talented musicians I have worked with along the way.”


Sean Sartwell – Bass

“Next year I will be studying at Anoka Ramsey Community College for Computer Science.”

“I have had an amazing experience getting to be with such a great group of players and the times where Mr.Schaefle tells his stories of funny and eye-opening experiences.”


Lexi Smith – Bass

“I will be attending Concordia College-Moorhead and pan on studying Social Work or Environmental Science.”

“My favorite orchestra memory is not exactly a memory, but how welcoming everyone is, whether you are coming in as a sophomore in a room of upperclassmen, or just being friendly to others in the class.”


Benjamin Spartz – Viola

“My plan after high school is to attend the University of Wisconsin-Stout and major in Mechanical Engineering.”

“My favorite memories are the New York trip last year and going to McDonald’s after concerts.”


Brad Vacco – Cello

“My plans are National Guard and going to Bethel University for a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry.”

“My favorite memory is the first appearance of the majestic Schaeflesaurus, and the first time playing Christmas Eve Sarajevo.”


Abel Venancio – Violin

“After almost 7 years I still don’t understand what a viola does, and I sit next to them in class as a violinist. My plans for next year are to spend more time with my family”


Gaocheng Vue – Violin

“Next year I will be attending Concordia University-St. Paul and I’m currently undecided about my major.”

“My favorite memory is when we surprised Schaefle with the Mii theme while he was conducting a different piece, and we ended up playing the Mii theme at the Spring Concert.”


Christina Westman – Violin

“My plan for next year is to go to the University Wisconsin-Eau Claire to study Music Therapy or Special Education.”

“My favorite memory from orchestra is when Schaefle did finger puppets to explain the song ‘I Feel Pretty’ from West Side Story.”