Ms. Towne Quotes (Trimester 2) Part 2


If you’ve taken APUSH, you know that Ms. Towne isn’t President Andrew Jackson’s biggest fan. However, that does not stop her from having to talk about him incessantly every year and giving an exam that she calls the “AJ Test.” Here are some quotes from Ms. Towne’s AP US History class, featuring some about everybody’s favorite controversial and hypocritical president.

*DISCLAIMER* these are all sarcastic comments meant to amuse us students in class.

“Andrew Jackson is a sexy beast.”

“Fractions? Flip them over? Why? Why not on their side? Oh! It’s a ratio now.”

“God loves Andrew Jackson… or the gods love Andrew Jackson.”

“When AJ says the war’s over, then the war’s over.”

“It’s the worst sound in the world, other than the pitter-patter of [high schooler’s] feet.”

“The assassin was not very good.”

“AP students play Dungeons & Dragons with yourself.”

“It’s really weird when rabbits fight, [they] punch each other.”

“I couldn’t stop my maternal instincts from coming out.”

“Dude, this is the guy that’s gonna take your spot when you die.”

“That’s not how you play duel.”

“I could be a politician…! No.”

“No! I don’t want a friend! I love Nash!”

“Don’t mess with Sharknado.”

“I don’t condone violence.”

*sings a song about Andrew Jackson* “AJ has a song- do you have a song? Nope!”

“So of all the things we’re doing right now, you’re interested in cat sex?


Stay tuned for Trimester 3 quotes.