Top 10 Things to do on a Snow Day or Cold Day


Laima Liulevicius, Editor


Cabin Fever? No fear, Blueprint has a compiled list of exceptional ideas to help you take advantage of this unplanned time off.

  1. Deny global warming. Obviously the ‘scientists’ are lying to us if my car won’t start.
  2. Donate to Hope 4 Youth or another local homeless shelter to help keep people off the streets this winter. It’s the best way to show your gratitude for having a warm home when it’s -27° F outside. 

  3. Make some hot chocolate. Then argue with your friends over the difference between hot cocoa and hot chocolate. (Don’t even get started on the milk vs water controversy.)

  4. If you’re a junior taking 14 AP classes catch up on the swamp of homework you’ve procrastinated on, OR catch up on Shane Dawson’s new conspiracy series.
  5. Again, especially if you’re a junior or senior, apply for some scholarships. You’ll be more likely to get the cash if you pick the more obscure ones. For example:
    • Duck Brand will give you $10,000 for the best prom dress or tux outfit made entirely out of Duck Tape
    • Write an essay about fire sprinklers and the AFSA (American Fire Sprinkler Association) will award you $2,000
    • Have a dream to fly? If you also happen to be first-chair in band or orchestra you can apply for the FMA (Flying Musicians Association) scholarship (amount varies).
  6. Play chicken with your friends polar-vortex style: see how long you can stand exposed in school-closing weather. The winner gets a free trip to the ER.
  7. Tuesday, Jan. 29 was National Plan Your Vacation Day. 

    • Everyone: Plan an escape to somewhere that has an average Temp above 0° F.
    • Juniors: plan your spring break college visits.
    • Seniors: plan your summer last-hurrah road trip before college.
    • Teachers: leaf through travel magazines advertising Tahiti and other tropical paradises you can’t afford to go. Then take a sip of your hot chocolate to help swallow your self-pity.
  8. Don’t let cabin fever get the best of you: head outside. We suggest building a replica of Trump’s promised border wall out of snow. If your parents attempt to stop you, tell them you’ll shut down the internet connection. Then watch it all melt on Saturday.

  9. If you’re feeling chilly after your outdoor excursion, call up that one uncle who is a complete maniac and conspiracy theorist to debate his radical political views. Nothing get’s you heated like a good argument.
  10. Make a list of all the places it’s colder than Minnesota to make yourself feel warmer. We’ve already started one for you:
    • Yakutsk, Siberia, with an average low of -45° F
    • The Top of Mount Everest, -35° F, with windchill of -100° F
    • Mars, with a low of -117, but a high of -14 and no wind chill (Yippee!)
Yakutsk, Siberia