Weekly BHS Snapshot: Above 15.8 inches

The weekend's "snow-nami" gave seniors in ODA a chance to put their handmade snowshoes to the test.

Laima Liulevicius, Editor

Photo captured by the author.


Last weekend’s rare April blizzard, or “snow-nami” as called by Mr. Overgaard, dumped 15.8 inches of snow in Blaine. This made it a historic storm, as the previous record for largest April snowstorm was set back in 1983 with 13.6 inches.

During Monday’s snow day, attempting to hike through the snow drifts was unbearable. Luckily, seniors who took the winter ODA elective were able to make their own snowshoes in order to be able to trek across deep snow.

The process of weaving and varnishing the snowshoes took around 3 weeks, according to senior Sarah Belka. They snowshoe’s style is modeled after traditional Ojibwe snowshoes. The Native Americans designed the snowshoes with a curved top for the wearer to be able to navigate through brush and woody areas.


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