Kanye Always Right

Kanye Never Wrong

Kanye Always Right

Benjamin Yang, Blueprint Staff


I remember when I first saw beauty

She sat there, marked by her thrilling hazel eyes

I remember when I first saw beauty

She sat there, marked by her thrilling hazel eyes

Aligning with the dark somber tone of the dimly lit night

Her face would illuminate like the stars, completely reflecting her celestial existence

Her chestnut hair elegantly tied, held together by her loneliness and longing, hiding away her honesty

She carried herself with kindness and benevolence

Her beauty was taken with awe, her soul purer then most and compassionate like all

You were all I could hope, in the end someone of my own.

I traveled far and wide, wishing to feel anything, a sign, a realization, the small hope that remained in my vacant thoughts.

The roads were broken and old, overgrown with weeds, potholes, bumps, cracks, broken trees, and fallen love.

The road began here, but ends nowhere, and leads to nowhere, yet still remains right there.

No headlights beyond into the unknown, only the guidance of the stars and the will to go forth past beyond one’s own pride.

To forgive and to forget, to travel a river with hope of life after love,  to open eyes and see what we wish not to be true, but to accept that all things are an empty blue

I’ve waited for nothing , the road where nothing ever happens, where life and everything can happen.

A place I don’t get any sleep with the way she brings me in, and I’m fooled again and again by the way she breathes.

All the things I’ve seen, from worlds beyond and the world that holds us, the only person that had me breathless with nothing to say.

But my reputation is all I know now, to know that she was all I hoped before, I know that all things never mattered

I travel to forgive or to forget, to stop hoping on a road broken,

I know the taste of bitterness and the white lies that I told myself amass black inside of me.

I will always be okay

I always thought we’d be holding each other whenever we would fall.

I dreamed love would last honestly, this feeling was too good.

For you I would’ve died for, but love has killed more than it has saved.

Kanye knew it before, Kanye knew it now, Kanye is right, Kanye only “loves Kanye.”